Foreign currency loans:negotiated with the Banking Association


The Ministry of National Economy (NGM) talked with the banking association about the possibility of withdrawing foreign currency loans on Tuesday, according to a statement released by the ministry to the MTI.

Unity decision so that it can move as soon as possible


The representatives of the Ministry of National Economy, led by Gábor Orbán, State Secretary for Taxation and Finance, negotiated with the Hungarian Banking Association about the withdrawal of foreign currency loans. The ministry is preparing a number of suggestions for the mansion’s unity decision so that it can move as soon as possible after the decision is made, they wrote.
NGM leaders are constantly discussing the issue of FX debtors with the stakeholders, “since there are many possible solutions”; the ministry made the necessary background calculations and analyzes.

The government’s aim remains unchanged


To withdraw foreign currency loans from the Hungarian money market, taking into account the interests of creditors, the state and banks, the communication states.
The ministry said in a statement that the government had already helped more than 450,000 people with foreign currency loans.
On June 3, György Wellmann, head of the Civic College of the Mansion, announced after a hearing in Árpád Kásler v. OTP that the Mansion could make a unity decision on June 16 in several foreign currency loan issues.

Four issues related to unfair contract terms

Four issues related to unfair contract terms

He said four issues related to unfair contract terms will be considered by the Civic College of the Mansion. They examine whether a foreign currency consumer credit contract as a contract type is unfair in terms of the exchange rate risk borne by the consumer and whether it is unfair to the financial institution due to its misrepresentation of the exchange rate risk.

The Court also examines the circumstances under which unilateral contract changes meet the requirement of transparency, as well as the unfair application of the exchange rate margin.

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